Knowledge, healing.

The Serpent's message is one of healing and of gaining knowledge. Whatever situation you're in right now is meant for this purpose. The Serpent also reminds you that knowledge is important.

Perhaps it is time to read a book or take a class in order to gain more understanding of your enquiry, or you may need to ask questions of others who 'know' and can help you. Ask the Serpent and you will be guided to the right answer easily and effortlessly. The Serpent heralds success if you follow his signal.

The Serpent also lets you know that you may be suffering because there are aspects of yourself that are wounded and still need tending. Now is the time for this. Perhaps you need to rest, meditate and allow the knowledge to come to consciousness. Or maybe you just need to sleep more. 

Another Aspect of Serpent energy is that each time you experience a healing or learn new things, you may need to shed your skin to adopt a new one. But don't worry - the Serpent says that it's a necessary and beautiful thing.




Spirit, integrity, connection to the angelic realm.

When Eagle appears, it is a true signal of your connection to the angelic realm. With the angels’ help and guidance, you can soar above life to see the larger vista. The Eagle helps you make your choices accordingly, with integrity.

When you pray to your angels, they will always answer, for they patiently wait for you to call upon them for assistance. The angels reside beside you, always hoping to aid humankind in finding peace and manifesting abundance and prosperity. 

The Eagle also asks you to remember to soar high above life and look at the bog picture. Don’t get too caught up in the tiny, unimportant aspects of life. The spiritual world is the real one - your physical life is the dream.

When the Eagle appears, it’s also a signal for prayer. It’s time for a moment of conscious contact with the Divine.

Remember that you’re always protected and Divinely directed if you follow the guidance of Spirit as it appears in the form the Eagle.




Omens, messages.

When Hawk appears, expect a message to be delivered to you to aid you in your quest.

Perhaps a telephone call from a friend will help you solve a mystery, or a chance meeting with someone may solve a riddle. You may literally see writing on a wall or overhear a conversation between strangers that reveals your own answer unexpectedly.

You will know it when it happens. Be open to messages from others, and be aware of omens and signs in nature. 

The world is constantly attempting to communicate with us, but we human beings have forgotten how to listen. So, remember who you are - an intrinsic part of the Great Mystery of life.

Listen and learn. This is the gift of the Hawk as he soars into your life from Avalon’s skies.




Woman, fertility, feminine power, sexuality, friendships.

Fertility, beauty, female sexual energy, earthly pleasures, and friendships among women - the Queen summons you to bestow her gifts upon you so that you can revel in the beauty of life.

The Queen appears to remind you of the importance of self-esteem, self-worth, and holding your head high. Now is the time to set boundaries with others with gentle authority, yet try not to be isolated from them in the process. The Queen knows how to delegate authority when she needs to. Summon your inner Queen and ask for what you need.

The Queen also asks whether you’re having fun. Maybe you meed to read a good book with a cup of cocoa, go to a spa, or make plans with your pals. Look after yourself and remember to nurture your friendships. The Queen knows that she neds allies in the world to sustain her and, in return, she shares her wealth with you.

This card also represents pregnancy, either as a metaphor or as the true miracle of life itself. The Queen is always a powerful omen and ally.




Sacred Journey Marker.

You’re put on notice to seek connection in all things. This is the coming together of ideas, the fulfilment of attraction, the marriage between two people, and the harmonious blending of energies.

If you’re enquiring about a partnership of any kind, this signifies the importance of observing the qualities that this relationship creates as a result of the sum of its parts. There’s always much to learn in the choice of partners.

When you receive the blessing is Partnership on this part of your journey, it’s a sign that the object of your inquiry may indeed give you what need. It’s a portent of opportunity, where the partnership exceeds the potential of the individual.

This Sacred Journey Marker reminds you that you’re never alone, and that there’s always a partnership with the Divine. It is a very auspicious omen. 




Absolute truth, courage, self-respect, responsibility.

The Lady of the Lake represents the highest order of respect for yourself and the manner in which you operate within the world around you. She is the harsher element of truth, when denial is swept away by a tidal wave of events.

In the ancient legend of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake presented Merlin with the sword of truth, which had been claimed by Arthur, who became High King of Britain. The magic that welded this metal was fired by the will of the God/Goddess. Consequently, when the Lady of the Lake appears, she demands nothing short of total truth and integrity; and she asks you to be mindful of all the signs, signals and omens that present themselves to you.

This is not time to second-guess. If a signal appears, be assured that a challenge has been presented. Moving forward without acknowledgement of the challenge will result in unnecessary difficulties. If the signal is to move, she pushes you to act. Do so, for a victory is imminent. Regardless of your question, the message is to take care when the Lady of the Lake appears, as serious business is at stake. The Lady reminds you of your personal responsibility in shaping your reality and its consequences.

Seek the sword of truth within yourself and great success will be yours. Have courage, but when the Lady appears, the strength of Avalon is behind you in support of your quest for wholeness and abundance.




Luck, industriousness, sweet victory.

When the Bee buzzes onto your path, it’s a reminder that with hard work and a firm commitment to building your dream, a sweet outcome is assured.

The Bee is a symbol of luck, so expect miracles and your life will be victorious and sweet.

Remember that you also create your own luck. That is, effort is essential as you progress along your path in order to make your dreams a reality.

The Bee is an industrious, busy creature that’s always making honey. The Bee “gets busy,” and that honey will soon be yours.

The Bee is always a fortunate omen.




Sacred Journey Marker.

This marker brings excitement to your path. You cannot know the outcome of the action you’re being called to take until you do it. In this way, you’re required to be blind in the forest for a time, risking all you know and all you’ve acquired on your journey for the potential of something better.

Perhaps the training you require demands faith in what you cannot experience with your five senses. But reliance on the sixth sense - your intuition - can provide you with another type of sight to aid you in your journey. 

Very important questions can be answered now: “Is engaging in the situation worth the risk, or does my inner sight tell me to wait until another opportunity comes?” “Am I willing to learn a lesson of defeat in surrender to the promise of unknow potential?”

Pray for guidance and ask for a sign. If the answer is yes, take the risk. If no, rest, regroup, and wait on the will of the Divine Mystery.




Discernment, prescience, prophecy, vision.

Intuition, prescient sight, higher knowledge, receptivity, the ability to work with subtle energies of Spirit and the psychic power of the feminine - these are the aspects of the Hight Priestess of Avalon. When the High Priestess appears before you, she asks you to trust your intuition and to throw the net of your awareness out into the world around you, pulling in truths that may defy your intellect, rational mind, or what others wish to falsely or superficially portray.

Go beyond the ordinary, past the chaos of modern life, and trust your inner vision to guide you on you path. Pay attention to your dreams, and keep track of your intuitive hunches, for when the High Priestess appears, she asks you to look for the thread of truth in these places. Be discerning in all that you do at this time, for the High Priestess reminds you that not all is at it seems to be. However, don’t take this world personally - rise above it and ask for a true vision to see the path ahead. You will be given this vision. All you need to do is ask the God/Goddess and be open to receiving it.

The High Priestess reminds you of the feminine principle or receptivity, gathering power by receiving information and waiting for others to act first. Allow the world to show you its intentions. The Goddess blesses and protects you when the High Priestess of Avalon appears on your path.





When you see the Butterfly, know that the power of beauty is in your life.

The Butterfly reminds you to see through its eyes and watch the world be transformed. Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks for it.

Today, look for loveliness even in the darkest places, and you’ll be amazed. All of the Mystery is beautiful. Beauty is everywhere. You have to open your eyes.

The next step can only be achieved if you do this today.

Someone may give you something beautiful today. Remember to be grateful.




Pride, leadership.

When the Stag appears on your path, he tells you to take pride in all that you do. Be the leader and hold your head high, and others, will follow by your example. Ask yourself these questions: “Am I following my highest path?” “Am I acting in integrity and doing the best I can?” or “Am I held back by the kind of pride that cuts me off from life through arrogance, or its reverse, low self esteem?”

The Stag asks you to be a leader, be pro-active (with the highest intentions),  and to always ask, “What is the highest good for all?” Arrogance and its reverse are both places of alienation and ways to avoid responsibility and accountability.

The Stag leads you out of both difficult places into the kind of pride that reminds you that you’re always in service to the God/Goddess in every step you take. You may already be there, in which case, you should be proud and happy. Look how far you’ve come! Rejoice, for the Stag always leads you to a higher place with a sure and happy footing.




Feelings and emotions.

When the Water Faery swims up to you with her liquid magic, she reminds you that emotions and feelings ,may be running the show. She asks you to consider how you really feel about things, and why. She also reminds you that you are not your feeling; you are the one experiencing them.

Remember that as water flows, emotions change. The Water Faery also tells you that it’s time to lose your rigidity. Be fluid and willing at times to compromise, and allow change to happen.

If you’re happy right now, enjoy, for the Water Faery swirls her love around you. If things are making you sad, she comes to wash away your tears. The Water Faery knows the power of emotions, so when she appears, be mindful of them and how they affect you.

Remember, feelings are the fuel for manifesting. Be certain that you want to create what you’re feeling. Allow your feelings to pass through and focus on the positive.

The Water Faery longs to smile at you in reflection...