YOU ARE SAFE and protected at all times.

Divinatory meaning: You are protected at all times. Trust that! The physical, emotional and psychic barriers you've erected to protect yourself from past hurts and wounds are simply no longer needed. You've moved beyod your need for the illusion that safety that these habitual defenses have provided. It's time to trust that Spirit is always available to aid in your protection when you really need it.

Relaxing these barriers, and knowing that they're accessible if you really need them, leaves you open to love, both giving and receiving - especially to the ones you're closest to. Don't hold back, clutching to some obscure fear that others won't love you back. 

Be outrageous in expressing your affection for those you love, and know that your family ultimately extends beyond any lines drawn by heredity, race, or species. All of us beings on this planet are family - whether human, animal, or plant - and the more you love, the more love finds you. Take good care!

Additional Associations: Family; Loyalty; Friendship; Teacher




Go ahead and JUST DO IT

Divinatory meaning: Whatever the project is that you have before you, it’s time to get to it. You think you have to do this or that to get prepared, but you could spend all your time planning and organizing and never get to it. You already have everything you need - just look around - and what you don’t have will come to you as you proceed with your project. You’ve spent enough time thinking, talking, planning, and preparing, so don’t make it a bigger deal than it is. Approach it like building a dam - one twig at a time. No more excuses, and nothing more to do to get ready - you don’t have to do it perfectly!

Plus, you will have a lot more support than you think you do. You not only have friends and family members who will be there, but support from your spiritual allies. You’ve given a lot of support to others - even though you tend to downplay your contribution to their lives - and now it’s time for you to receive their support. So take a deep breath and get on with it!

Additional Associations: Enthusiasm; Community; Cooperation; Ingenuity




FREE YOURSELF of guilt and shame

Divinatory meaning: See the world through the eyes of a child, trusting your inner mother and father to be there whenever you need them. Protection is available when you need it, so you can feel safe in expressing yourself in all the different ways you’ve always wanted to.

There’s boldness in innocence, and no more need to hide behind any childhood guilt about perceived misdeeds or be consumed with shame about revealing your true self. You’re a gentle soul and have never intentionally harmed anyone.

Release any guilt over your behaviour or shame about yourself in this situation. There’s no need to feel resentful, victimized, or arrogant toward anyone else either. Be the child of God that you are. In your heart, live in the garden. Others may cause you to prickle, but truly, most of what they do or say to you is harmless and not a threat.

So be joyful and grateful, and let everything you do be done with complete abandon. Dance, laugh, sing, and be free again, just like you were on the day you were born.

Additional Association: Humility; Protection; Sensitivity; Trust




You are a HEALER

Divinatory meaning: The healing gifts you possess are not actually yours. They emanate from Divine Spirit and are grounded in your body, and it's through your body that this force is focused and expressed. The two areas that are "hot spots" for this concentration of life force are your heart and your hands. Pay attention to these areas and do whatever you must to keep them energetically clear.

An effective way to clear your heart and hands is to purge them by bathing with white light, allowing whatever psychic debris has been rinsed off with the light to drain down your spine and legs and go out through the soles of your feet into Mother Earth. She will readily and easily accept this invisible toxic waste and transform it into new life.

Don't fear your healing power. It's your destiny to relieve the suffering of others, as you do so, you transform your own suffering - from this and other lifetimes - into compassion and love, which is the purest expression of life energy you can have. That is healing, no matter what the form is. The more open you remain, the more the master power of the universe can come through you and create miracles.

Additional Associations: Rebirth; Sexuality; Transmutation; Transformation




Pay attention to your DREAMS AND VISIONS

Divinatory meaning: There’s a place underneath the conscious mind, below the instinctual self, where one’s usual identity is dissolved and you are pure witness, observing your experience from a completely detached perspective. This place is called 'dreamtime', where all apparent boundaries between self and other disappear. What remains is unadulterated awareness, specific to you, yet at the same time expanded into the boundless universe.

In this place that is at the very core of your experience, you alos profoundly comprehend that you’re simultaneously a body and something much greater than merely a body. The dreamtime is a place where there’s no sense of boundaries between your body and surroundings. In this mystical, surreal state of pure experience, you’re always guided and protected by the wise and ageless inspiration of Spirit.

Your dreams and visions are the window into this absolute reality, so watch your dreams closely and pay attention to your visions. They will always guide you and lead you, but most especially at this time.

Additional Association: Primal; Ancient; Reflexive; Spontaneous




Follow your PASSION

Divinatory meaning: The winding road of your life, with all it's twists and turns, expected and unexpected, has brought you to this point. You're faring quite well, yet there's an urgent need that you're feeling in your bones and your soul - the need to express more and more fluently your true self, your inner core. It's so much safer and in some ways easier to deny yourself the fruits of following your true passion.

Questions of safety and survival abound by stepping into this total expression of who you truly are. Let them remain questions, cast them aside, and embrace what turns you on.

Once you've discovered what your true passion is - and you probably already know what it is - by honoring it and living it, all else will be taken care of.

Does that surprise you? Challenge you? Trust that your inner yearning is real, and express it, if not all at once, then gradually - but express it. Don't worry about how it will look to others or whether or not anyone at all would approve. When it comes to the end of your days, you will be able to say with all sincerity and without reservation that you lived your life passionately and in truth!

Additional Associations: Sensuality; strength; Clarity; Solitude





Divinatory meaning: Don’t get attached to one and only one plan. Always have a plan B, or at least a few other approaches to the subject of your enquiry. Too often you’ll find yourself stuck with an agenda about how things should be or how you should act in a given situation, whether or not the plan you’re acting on is one that will work. One definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting different results. So, this time try something new if your first approach doesn’t work.

So instead of turning left, turn right. Listen closely to your inner promptings here. You’ll find clues as to what to do all around you and inside you if you just pay attention. It may not be obvious at first, but by opening your eyes, ears, and senses, you’ll find some delightfully ingenious ways of approaching this situation so that the outcome will be in your favour and I alignment with the will of Spirit.

Additional Associations: Grasping; Agility; Maternal Instinct; Stability




ASK for what you want

Divinatory meaning: Don't assume that others and the world around you will know at any given moment what your preferences and desires are. You must announce them. Speak out directly and clearly. If you do state your wants and needs, the worst that can happen is that you won't get what you want. But I'll guarantee that if you don't ask, you're much less likely to get what you want.

First ask yourself what it is that you want, whether something simple like a request to pass the salt, or something more daring and complex, like a hug or kind words from a loved one or a friend. The more personal your desires, the harder it can be to ask, but really, what's the risk? That someone will say no? That you won't get what you want? That you'll be shamed or scorned? It's going to take courage. Not fearlessness, but courage. You can be afraid and still risk expressing your wants. This flies in the face of all your earlier training - to keep quiet and suffer in silence - but why continue being a martyr, denying yourself the privilege of receiving? It makes life a lot easier to know the power of expressing your desires.

Additional Association: Ferocity; Nobility; Dignity; Assertiveness




Dig in and see it through to COMPLETION

Divinatory meaning: Don’t give up so easily. You’re going to have to be more patient and more persistent that you’ve ever been. The result or answer isn't that far away, but you’ve got to hang in there and stay with it. Too often in the past you’ve tended to either give up too easily or else try shortcuts through relationships, career, and even your spiritual growth. If it’s important enough for you to ask the question, then it’s just as important that you remain steady in your pursuit of the answer. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a few inches or several miles to go. Take your time - no need to hurry - and keep your sights on the objective. You’ll have to put your feelings and any ambivalence aside for the time being. Indeed, you might even meet some resistance, but don’t give up! You really are almost there. But before getting “there” first live in the present. It’s only from this moment that you can truly proceed on your journey to get wherever you’re headed. So go for it!

Additional Associations: Self-reliance; Determination; Assertiveness; Willingness




LET GO of your judgments

Divinatory meaning: Each time you judge yourself or others, you immediately create the illusion of separation - separation from your environment, from other human beigins, and most critically, separation from the Creator and all of creation. 

Immersing yourself in this illusion creates pain that manifests as hurt, anger, or even attack in words or deed. And if you stop and reflect, you'll find that what you judge in others is really a projection of a shadow aspect of yourself. Therefore, the source of these judgements is not just contained in others - it's something in yourself that you may not be aware of.

Once you realise how judgements separate, there's an opportunity to forgive - first, the other person for his or her perceived transgressions or short-comings, then yourself as you indentify the shadow aspect in you that you had projected onto this individual.

In the light if this realisation, all illusion of separation vanishes. This is true forgiveness - not an empty mantra you repeat over and over again in order to support some false notion of forgiveness, but a geniune release of any and all judgements. When you've forgiven, this act returns you to a state of love, acceptance, and peacefulness. You'll know when this has happened because you'll feel the natural and tranquil state of unity with the Creator and all of creation.

Additional Association: Grace; Unselfishness; Self-sacrifice; Cooperation




BE GRATEFUL for all you are blessed with

Divinatory meaning: In this very materially oriented world where you’re constantly bombarded with so many possibilities and choices for acquisition and accumulation, it’s easy to forget to be grateful for what you do have rather than feeling envious and resentful for what you don’t have. Trust that you’ll always have what you need. 

Allow the richness and goodness of our fair and generous Mother Earth to be yours, not for the taking out of  avarice and greed, but out of  acceptance and continuous appreciation for the gifts you receive. Everything that comes your way in actuality is a gift, whether or not you consciously manifested it.

“Thou shalt not want” doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any desires, but that you shall never have to go without food, water, shelter, or love - that is, unless you deny Life the privilege of providing these things for you. 

Today, every time you receive a gift of goods, service, love or money, express your gratitude to the giver - and the Creator - if only by simply saying, “Thank you.” Remember always that no matter who or how the gift is delivered, it comes from the Creator.

Additional Associations: Nurturing; Generosity; Abundance; Family




You know where you are going and YOU WILL GET THERE

Divinatory meaning: Sometimes it seems easier to just give up in the face of adversity, especially when the struggles you face feel overwhelming and insurmountable. Yet these trials and tribulations are all part of your spiritual path, and are necessary to make you stronger and more capable at dealing with life’s unpredictability.

The ordeal you are faced with now is not necessarily a light one; and to succeed, it will take clear intention, a commitment to purpose, and a willingness to stay with it until you’ve reached a calmer part of the river.

Even if you’re not sure of your purpose or why you’re faced with these challenges, follow your path in absolute faith, and the reasons will reveal themselves within the process of your journey. Sometimes your actual goal isn’t apparent, even when the direction you must go is. You must trust that your direction is being inspired by the deepest sense of your innate knowing, align your intention with Spirit’s intent, and let nothing stop you from moving ahead.

Additional Association: Purpose; Sacrifice; Regeneration; Endurance